Simeon Shore

Began his musical studies as a pianist under the guidance of M° Galloway, before devoting himself to the study of Trumpet
at the Milan Conservatory of music where he graduated in 1999. In the meantime he attended the school of
Music Paleography and Philology at Pavia University. After the Conservatory studying harmony
and jazz theory at the municipal school of Jazz of Milan, and perfect technique and language trombettistica
Jazz under the tutelage of Emilio Soana.
As instrumentalist, After studying classics and the orchestral experience he devoted himself especially to pop music
and jazz, playing in theatres, Jazz clubs and festivals in Italy and abroad; He toured with various bluesman
Americans and has collaborated with various Big bands and Jazz ensembles, Blues, Soul and Funk.
Always as trumpeter, He has recorded for publicity and pop dealing with, In addition
that of improvisation, the arrangement of the woodwind sections.
From 2003 He is Music Director of "Besana Secutores Drum & Bugle Corps”, gruppo con cui ha partecipato
a numerose competizioni a livello nazionale e internazionale, e per cui compone e arrangia le musiche per
i “Drill Show” (“Destination Moon”, “Sahara”, “Arachnophobia”, “Pinocchio”, “Unity”, prime composizioni
originali scritte da un compositore italiano per questo tipo di formazione).


He began his musical studies as a pianist under the guidance of M° Ghirardi, before devoting himself to
trumpet at the Conservatory of Music in Milan, where he graduated in 1999. In the meantime he attended the
School of Musical Paleography and Philology at the University of Pavia. After the Conservatory he studied
jazz harmony and theory at the Civic School of Jazz in Milan, where he improved his technique and jazz
language under the direction of trumpeter Emilio Soana.
As an instrumentalist, after classical and orchestral experiences, he devoted himself mainly to pop and jazz
music, playing in many theaters, jazz clubs and festivals in Italy and abroad; he has toured with various
American bluesmen and has played with several Big Bands and Jazz, Blues, Soul and Funk groups.
Also, he has made recordings for advertising and pop music (managing, in addition to trumpet improvisation,
horn section arrangements).
Since 2003 he is the musical director of “Bailey Secutores Drum & Bugle Corps,”; for this group he composes
and arranges music for the “drill show” (“Destination Moon,” “Sahara,” “Arachnophobia”, “Pinocchio”,
“Unity”, are first original compositions written by an Italian composer for this musical genre).
He took part in several national and international competition with Besana Secutores.