Director, school of music

Samuel-rigamontiSamuel Rael

The first approach to music started with piano lessons.

His musical knowledge have been enriched with didactic-pedagogical studies at the Conservatory of Como, earning a degree in “Music education” with honors under the leadership of Fulvio Bani with the thesis "Rhythm, voice and instruments: Executive proposals and musical creativity for the 2° cycle of primary school”. He attended the courses of “Choral conducting” with Domenico Unnamed and Antonello Foti, “Performing sing Spirituals and Gospel” with Alberto Odone majoring in “Choral composition and choir conducting” with full marks and honours under the guidance of Antonio Eros Negri with the thesis "Choral compositions – Willaert and Gabrieli essays and recompositions in style”. Compositional studies dealt with Maria Teresa Muttoni, Francesco Sacchi, Giorgio Tedde, Mariella Di Giovannantonio and Vittorio Zago have channeled the choice to continue his musical studies graduating in composition at the Conservatory of Como. He is a member of “Chamber Choir” of the same Conservatory.

Frequent updates on music education Kodaly and choir direction kept in Italy by Klara Nemes and Dénes and Soma Szabó in Nyíregyháza in Hungary.

In addition to LineArmonica, He also heads, Since the Foundation (1995), the “Pi.Al.Ca”, a children's Chorus, important nursery for LineArmonica choir and choir “Don Olimpio Coin”, that is l ’ organist.

His musical experiences they see this, as a clarinetist in the band “G. Verdi” by Tabiago. He is a member of the artistic Committee CAME OUT of Lecco.

In the educational field is a teacher of “Theory, reading, ear singing and education” at the municipal school of music and dance in Desio e della Scuola di Musica "Piergiorgio Shore" of durris, the school's Director of education. He also delivers the courses of "choral singing", "Preparatory music courses and instrumental", "Ear training", "Harmony" and “Children's choir”.

He published the method "theory, Reading and singing "that takes into account the new educational aspects, scope educational theorist. He was lecturer in "musical disciplines" the Bachelor "Neuro and Psychomotor developmental therapy" and "speech therapy" – from the University of Milan, sez. E. Medea – Thessaloniki.

Is a teacher of musical education in lower secondary school and also has the good fortune to play a ’ musical activity at the school of the Institute “Our Family” When music is present in all its various aspects: Chorale, instructional, expressive, recreational ..... and thanks to which his musical education is further supplemented with educational projects aimed at disability. In the same school heads, from 2000, the chorus of “Little apostles of Charity”.