Armando Saldarini


Dr. Armando Saldarini has conducted many orchestral and band formations in both Europe and the United States, receiving positive reviews and met with gratifying results among them first prize at the world competition for wind band conductors "Windmaker 2006" in Vienna.

He graduated in Trumpet and music education at the Conservatory "G. Verdi in Como, She graduated later in conducting wind band and fanfare at the Conservatory of Rotterdam, Holland. He won a scholarship to St. Cloud State University, where he became a Graduate Teaching Assistant and Guest Conductor, completing his studies and earning a Master of Music in Instrumental Conducting (wind band and orchestra), studying with Dr. Richard Hansen. After completing his studies at SCSU, He won the audition and its scholarship at the University of Southern Mississippi, where ends the studies leading to the award of prestigious title of Doctor of Musical Arts Degree in Wind Band Conducting (DMA), studying with Dr. Thomas Kmrmpl.

As instrumentalist, Saldarini has collaborated with numerous different instrumental formations, dealing with genres and styles that have enriched its cultural background and increased its musical versatility. In teaching, He has gained considerable experience thanks to the many years of teaching at schools of all levels, from primary schools to universities. Among his most significant projects aimed at young instrumentalists are the Foundation of the youth band of Multan and di Triuggio. Both of these formations have received flattering accolades to the most important Italian competitions by category.

Saldarini is organizer of musical events and initiatives: Creator and promoter of Veniano Wind Orchestra (1998), co-founder of the Band Federation of Como (FE.BA.CO. 2000), of which he was a member and President of the technical and artistic Commission, Artistic Director of the Festival international band of Besana Brianza (from 2001 at 2009), Creator and promoter of music project live music! Summer Wind Band (2010-present) and creator and promoter of the Cultural Club live music! (2014).

Currently, Saldarini is Director of Music S. Cecilia di Triuggio, Dell ’ Dell ’ Musical Association Gaudenzio goose and musical Association S. Cecilia di Besana Brianza; He has been Artistic Director of the Cultural Club live music! It is often called in juries for competitions of national and international bands.


Dr. Armando Saldarini conducted numerous wind bands and orchestras both in Europe and in the United States, receiving critical acclaim and achieving results in National and International Contests. Among them, the first prize at the Windmaker 2006, an international competition for wind band conductors held in Vienna.

Dr. Saldarini received a Diploma in Trumpet Performance and in Music Education from Como’s Conservatory “G. Verdi”, Italy; the Diploma in Wind Ensemble and Fanfare Conducting from the Rotterdam’s Conservatory, the Netherlands; Master of Music in Instrumental Conducting (wind band and orchestra) from St. Cloud State University, Minnesota, USA and DMA in Wind Band Conducting from The University of Southern Mississippi, Mississippi, USA.

Dr. Saldarini has other notable activities such as trumpet player, music teacher, judge in musical competitions and promoter of musical events/activities. He played trumpet in several and different ensembles, performing from classical to jazz, from pop to country music. These musical experiences enlarged his musical horizon and improved his versatility. As music teacher he taught from elementary school to the university. It is important the enormous success as recruiter that Dr. Saldarini had. He founded the youth band of Besana Brianza and Triuggio. Both of these ensembles received the highest prizes in national competitions.

Dr. Saldarini promoted several musical events/activities, among the others the Veniano Wind Orchestra (1998), co-founder of the Federation Bands of Como (2000) and president of its artistic board, artistic director of the International Band Festival of Besana Brianza (2001-2009), promoter and artistic director of the musical project Musica Viva! Summer Wind Band (2010-present), and promoter and artistic director of the Cultural Club Musica Viva! (2014-present).

Actually, Dr. Saldarini is the principal conductor of Corpo Musicale S. Cecilia di Triuggio, Associazione Musicale Gaudenzio Dell’Oca and Associazione Musicale S. Cecilia di Besana Brianza; He is often requested as judge for National and International band competitions.