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The Music school "Piergiorgio Shore", turn all ’ in our Association, is open from 20 years.
The school is a very vibrant cultural reality and recognized for serious organization, qualified teachers and generous contributors. In the school are active beyond 20 classes that provide a rich and high-profile training ’. Mainly dedicated to wind instruments, the classes also include percussion, propaedeutics, violin, Guitar, double bass, piano, Choir and music d ’ together.

The School, in constant quality improvement, It is attended by approximately 200 students, from preschoolers, teens and adults. L ’ teaching is divided into three programs modeled on the needs of members; next to the training, younger-oriented and structured in seven years, are active Amateur and professional address ’ l.

Director of studies of the school of music is .
The School of Music “David Shore " has been working for 20 years. The school is a very lively cultural reality and it is well-known for its management, its qualified teachers and generous contributors. Over 20 classes are currently active offering rich and high-profiled preparation. Mainly devoted to wind instruments it also includes percussion, violin, guitar, bass, piano, choir and ensemble music classes.

The school is attended by about 200 students, ranging from pre-school children to teens and adults. The teaching activity is divided into three areas tailored on the needs of the students. Besides the seven-year regular course for young people, Professional and Amateur courses are available.

The Director of the School of Music is .