5×1000 all ’ Music Association S. Cecilia Besana in Brianza

What is 5×1000?

The 5×1000 indicates a quota of ’ sets PERSONAL INCOME TAX, Income tax of individuals, Italian State shares, to give support, between entities performing socially relevant activities.

The payment is at the discretion of the citizen-taxpayer, together with the tax return.

Donate 5×1000 has a cost?

Allocate 5×1000 It costs nothing, is not an additional tax and do not sum to the amount of INCOME TAX.

If you decide not to sign, the same quota of 5×1000 remains to the State.

Can I target both the 5×1000 the 8×1000?

You can do both choices We donate part of your taxes for purposes other, without any kind of burden.

How to donate 5×1000

The model for your tax return (CUD, 730 or unique) find a space dedicated to "choice for destination of five per thousand of Irpef”.


Choose the ’ area for “support of volunteering and other public benefit nonprofit organizations” and enter your signature and tax number 05 04 28 70 153 to donate your 5×1000 all’Associazione Musicale S. Cecilia Besana in Brianza.

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