Unity is back!

After his first appearance at the DCE Championships in 2015, Unity Show Project back back on the pitch and is proud to introduce its program 2016 titled "AGAIN".
The production draws inspiration from one side by minimalist compositions by Philip Glass, Arvo Paart and Michael Nyman, characterised by the repetition and rhythmic and melodic cells overlap simple towards generating sound more complex fabrics; from each other by a trend called "Minimal Art", characterized by elimination
of non-essential and the reduction of reality to geometrical structures.
The project is broken down, indeed never stopped! We're back on the field, ready to bring energy and passion, ready to engage new audiences and jury in a new Unity Experience!
Unity is a project that is based on Bailey Secutores and Mosson, Thanks to the support of our Association will be present at the most important our Secutores Italian and European appointments ... AGAIN!
Music design: Simeon Shore (Brass), Rob Ferguson (Percussion)
Colorguard design: Elana Siegel
Visual design: Thomas Sparling


Taken from "The Tuba of Chersicla 8"

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