An unforgettable experience ’

I lost 8 Chili! This is Hong van, baritone in Boston Crusader, who was the first to fall from the marvellous experience of Drum Corps International, the World Championship of the world of marching band. With David Villa and Andrea Rovelli this year has had the opportunity and honor to be on the field in the most famous American circuit as DCI, technical and challenging.
A few days before the start of the DCE (the European equivalent) the memory of the finals in Indianapolis there was reminded and with it the faces of our three Italians. Andrea nominated rookie (the recruit) of the year between the members of the Spirit of Atlanta and David that with its Bluecoats touched on the podium with a well deserved second place recounted with enthusiasm and laughter many anecdotes a little to everyone I know, because this adventure you can not tell. All'Xtra camp (meetings between marching enthusiasts held in late August in Besana) were the "special guest" and revealed a world that, behind the glitter of the uniforms and instruments, the pride of poise and composure of the image, hides countless hours of work that puts a strain on the estate every boy's physical and psychological that participates.
I found myself in a big family – says David – who

certainly requires hard work but that fosters contact search, of friendship and sharing. And when I thought I couldn't have done it I trusted My teammates.
My group has a military extraction – Add Lorenzo – where compliance with the rules and hierarchies are implied rules of corp. But there was some space to the laughter and fun, Although in a tone lower than David or Andrea!.
Each group has a specific management philosophy and organization and every one of our guys has been able to interpret it at most, seamlessly.
"The result, Although it was our first reason, It wasn't almost never the reason we moved to get better and better. All members (on and off the pitch) were there to give the best, more and more everyday. So there was time we feel deeply uncomfortable if he was wrong twice the same passage and not because of the embarrassment against fellow but to ourselves "
A typical day for each group is deeply and rigidly defined schedules, spaces in which to stand and tasks to be performed so that upon return I found myself uncomfortable at being able to decide what to do with my time, tells us smiling Lorenzo.
We each had a task, says Andrea – I smontavo a structure that was stationed on the staff during the tests. The catch was not so much the pain but rather the time: the operation was done at that hour and a half in which the Group did shower, impacchettava and loaded on the bus sleeping mat and sleeping bag bag. So on those occasions you had to really run!
The finals and the awards will remain indelible in my heart, concludes David. The scream of the public, the embrace and the compliments from Blue Devils (early finishers), the security of having made the best show of the season ... all wonderful, a dream!

This edition of the DCI was memorable for Bailey Secutores and the Association Corpo Musicale Santa Cecilia. We hope that many other Italians can live an experience like this. The level of world marching to Italy has many excellences bearing witness that the work done to date has gone in the right direction. We have all the cards to be present even in future editions with other Andrea, David and Lorenzo: just try it!.

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