An eleventh place that doesn't leave l ’ a bad taste in my mouth

Very true…. Lo speravamo con tutto il cuore di riuscire a ribadire la nostra forza e far gustare anche in finale il nostro show, that even today we are sure to be a real show.

But it was not to be. At the bottom of the races are this: get ready, to the best of their ability, without remorse, try to give my best on the field and wait for. In this case wait a number, that we hoped would give the just reward, albeit symbolic but longed, to the hard work of one year.

All ’ out of the stadium, immediately after the semifinal, all components have noticed that the performance was not perfect, to the best of ability. Even the youngest, excited but decided, showed a great technical maturity to understand that the show all ’ beginning was decidedly uncertain.

Many words in front of the sign of the scores: two points separated us from the ’ field in the final. And if we had done everything perfect? well… two points are many. We would certainly not taken by pulling the time to perfection. Would not be enough. So what? How come?
First off the race course alone do not: other groups like us growing up or slow down, creating a ranking, at least in the range 4° place down, very variable. We like them, This ’ year we aspired to a final 70 points and above. A great achievement for us that we had a difficult season and all confused.

I would say this eleventh place (at the bottom is an eleventh place among the best in Europe!) There is an amazing time and rewards us for having pulled out an unexpected and wonderful for making a grit shot.
Represents a strong and ambitious bud wants to do much more in the next season. A team that has laid the foundations for a 2014 solid and convincing.

With this in mind these 68 -odd points are a great achievement; and who lived with us this 2013 understand well what I'm talking about. Rewards those who started with us this adventure this season, rewards those who long March with us and did not give up, rewards those who cooperated with us with a smile and the availability, rewards those who drove our team by overcoming many difficulties still aiming at maximum.

No remorse, no bad taste in my mouth. We were great. And who wants to join this team of crazy watching the sky with smile come forward. No challenge is more beautiful than this.


Henry D.

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