Both show before the European Championship

The 29 September the Secutores Drum & BugleCorps will represent Italy at the European Championships ’ l for Drum corps (DCE –

L ’ date is very important because the boys training besanese will be called to confirm the title of finalists earned last year.

The show 2012 titled Arachnophobia looks promising: the theme of the struggle between spiders and humans is interpreted with enormous expressive effort on the part of the musicians who have ventured into a project that challenges them not only musically and stylistically but also of individual interpretation and communication non-verbal body ’. A true musical that fuses music, dance and theatre.

The show will be presented on several occasions before Dutch trip for the League.

Saturday 15 September in Bresso (h. 18.00 at Saint Joseph's oratory) and, on the same day, in Cologno Monzese (h. 21.00 at centro sportivo)

Sunday 17 the Secutores will See (H 14,30 about at the municipal soccer field) to turn a weekend intended and full of emotions.

L ’ last date is scheduled for 23 September at the municipal sports centre of Bailey.

L ’ the occasion is especially dear to Secutores because it will be a time for families and friends who all season have support l ’ intense and busy.

The day will begin at 14,30 with an open trial at all and a chance to do a ’ experience as a member of the Group and finishes with the presentation of the show 2012 and a festive moment together.

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