Again finalists and one step higher

Milestone reached for Bailey Secutores Drum & Bugle Corps, dell ’ show training Association Corpo Musicale Santa Cecilia.

The ninth place at the European Championships in Drum Corps, held in Kerkrade on 29 September, attests to the growth of the Group and places it as the best Italian formations of this kind.

In fact, the drum corps is the most technical and choreographic form like ” marching & showband”, now popular in Italy thanks to numerous events on the territory that collect l ’ passion of the public.

The “section”, brass, battery and front ensemble, and color guards have reached levels that were unthinkable a few years ago and show that in Besana continues the tradition of the best music d ’ together.

QUI videos performances streamed last Saturday
Numerous expressions of esteem expressed by professionals and the public, across Europe, collected on specialized sites and walking all ’ exterior of Parkstadium of Kerkrade.
Specifically the show arachnophobia, He described with music, Visual and choreographed the fear of spiders, He contributed to ’ very good score and all judges and audience appreciation ˙.

A ˙ other Italian excellence, in addition to the musical writing of the show that has made by master Simeon Shore; Nell ’ Edition 2012 Simeon was not “only” the writer of the song but also the music coordinator of the whole project as well as appreciated musician in field.

Our boys have submitted “the best drill show” ever contributed by Italian composers and choreographers Americans recognized and appreciated worldwide as Preston Howard.

Among the formations can perform at this level also la Mosson D& BC, di Vicenza, placed sixteenth with a score of 60.45, While Bailey reached the finals and has scored 70,45, best score in its history. Absent this ’ year one of historical groups Italian movement: Millennium drum & Bugle corps.

“Thanks to the determination of all members of the Group (musicians, fans and staff) We got an amazing result, the crowning touch to a year of rehearsals and on the field, often in the Sun and for entire weekend” tell us the instructors Henry Of ’ water, Francis and Simeon Villa Riva, While President Julius Carson is not forgotten by all supporters for both the logistics for the magnificent choreography packed by mom “cucitores” !

For the coming seasons Bailey opens its doors to all appsassionati that ” want to get serious”! Another memorable success for Bailey Secutores Drum & Bugle Corps, dell ’ Show training Association Corpo Musicale Santa Cecilia.

For more info and photos Bailey secutores on facebook.

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