Music, Dance &… 2010

Join BMB is one of those opportunities that happen a few times in life. Means diving in a river full of joy, fatigue, satisfaction and sweat. Every moment, the tougher tests to the most beautiful sight, is an instant fully lived.
BMB requires commitment, dedication and constancy, but returns indescribable sensations and friendships meant to last a lifetime. BMB is a team on the move and always looking for emotions and successes.
BMB is a group of people very different from each other but share a fundamental trait: they are part of something special. Ordinary people who make excellence standard.

If you are looking for something more, then BMB is the group that's right for you.

True champions take pride in doing everything the very best they can

L ’ event taking place on 7 May at 21,00 at the Sports Center Paul Sixth Barzanò (via giovanni XXIII) is the result of collaboration between the Bailey Marching Band and groups “Cultural Association Giselle” and “Cultural Movements” This year also sees the participation of ’ CRAMS of monticello with Group “Anonymous Ritmodipendenti Drummers“.

La scelta di accostare danza e musica fa parte di un progetto nato tre anni fa quando la BMB ha deciso di inserire nel proprio organico le Color Guard cioè un gruppo di ragazze che aggiungessero ai movimenti dei musicisti delle coreografie di corpo libero e bandiere per valorizzare e “coloring” the entire show of Mrching Band. The success of the first performances in events and national and international competitions gave ample room for all ’ enthusiasm and trust in a career full of potential
that represents a unique opportunity to express ’ l ’ l ’ and art expressiveness of dance (and artistic gymnastics) in a new context, challenging and exciting.

“Music, Dance &…” It will also be a moment of awareness for musicians: lo staff invita chiunque fosse interessato a entare a far parte della brass (ottoni e legni) o delle percussioni a partecipare a questa serata e agli inconti che seguiranno.

Have fun.

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