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Join Bailey Secutores Drum & Bugle Corps is one of those opportunities that happen a few times in life. Means diving in a river full of joy, fatigue, satisfaction and sweat. Every moment, the tougher tests to the most beautiful sight, is an instant fully lived.
Besana Secutores richiede impegno, dedication and constancy, but returns indescribable sensations and friendships meant to last a lifetime.
Besana Secutores is a team on the move and always looking for emotions and successes.
Besana Secutores è un gruppo di persone molto diverse tra loro che però condividono un tratto fondamentale: they are part of something special. Ordinary people who make excellence standard.

If you are looking for something more, then Bailey Secutores is the group that's right for you.

True champions take pride in doing everything the very best they can

We're getting ready for a new artistic season.
Like every year our business has two great leaders: study and preparation of ceremonial songs and the creation of a new drill show, lo spettacolo che esprime tutte le capacità del gruppo per emozionarsi e far emozionare.

La stagione ha un ciclo annuale e si suddivide in tre momentthe:
– preparation and study of musical parts and technology. Iniziano le prove e si inizia a respirare aria di Drum Corps: parti musicali, exercise technique, posture and driving technique are the ingredients of this phase.

– first Drill parades and l ’ the start of the study Show. While you are having fun parading you began studying new show of the season.

– completion of the show, first performances and competitions. The summer season means for BMB not only performances in open space but also finishing the show for national and international competitions that are inserted into a
the Group's growth and continuous challenge with others to culminate their sports training and music at DCE in late September in Holland.

To join the Group serves passion, determination, desire to do well and to feel like characters.
Suonare con i Secutores significa trasformare la propria musicalità in qualche cosa di unico, a show made by technique and emotion that will give you an opportunity to express your talent and passion.

Un Drum Corps è fisicità e coordinazione: move around the field and execute the movements as a fundamental element of a group, turn your gesture and your step in ’ expression of ’ only you belong…

Drum Corps è condivisione di una passione: l ’ excellence requires study and work. Ogni Secutores condivide con te questi valori e ne riconosce l’importanza come aggreganti in un gruppo eterogeneo di persone che puntano ad un unico obiettivo: have fun and amuse.

Would you like to join our group? Vieni a trovarci saremo entusiasti di iniziare con te una nuova sfida.

Abbiamo in programma delle giornate in cui potrai vedere cosa vuol dire essere Besana Secutores.

You'll l ’ a chance to try out the tools, the style of travel, l ’ ’ equipment and the thrill of being in the Group. Il nostro staff ti accoglierà e ti spiegherà cos’è il nostro Drum Corps.

Bailey Secutores Drum & Bugle Corps è formata da 4 sections and each c ’ is the place for you:
Brass: è la voce principale del gruppo ed è composta da ottoni
Battery: is the heart, group rate; sono le percussioni che si muovono in campo e sono snare, tenor e bassdrum.
Front ensemble: the added value made of sounds, melodies and effects; are the percussion opposite field: keyboards, timpani, bass drum, bells and anything that produces a sound that can be transformed into magic music.
Color guard: are not musicians but athletes and dancers. Are the color, the choreography and the dancing that complement the show, recounting notes and interpreting the emotions.

If you want to make a change to your music experience, express your passion, join a group and live a unique experience of friendship ’, satisfaction, challenge and fun…. don't waste time and contact us.
We will be happy to give you all the info you need.
Association Headquarters:

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