The Unity project Gets an incredible seventh place at the European Championship

His passion for music, teamwork and the pursuit of a single large lens were the basis for UNITY – Show project.
The project is nothing more than the product of a great collaborative work between our Secutores and others 3 groups of national importance, and not only, I have decided to join forces, because it is only by working together and firmly believing in a common project, you manage to achieve what at first seemed impossible.
The guys who have given life to this show are our Secutores, Mosson Drum & Bugle Corps (Mosson, VI), Why Me Indoor Percussion (MB) and cultural association and musical SOUL (Sumirago, VA). In this way took to the field 24 brass, 11 drum line, 8 color guards and 9 pit section components (percussion on the sideline).
The project has seen our guys starring last 26 September during the finals of the DCE European Championships (Drum Corps Europe) in Kerkrade, in the Netherlands, with a score of 72.30, getting the best position ever (seventh place).
The project has all the concepts of collaboration, sharing and sustainability and part from afar. In 2014 We experienced the first collaborations thanks to Xtra Camp and in December we went to the construction of the real spectacle that took the name of our own project: UNITY.
In March we took field trials, sometimes in Besana, other in Vicenza. An important experience and demanding, at the same time was an immersive and exciting that has fielded boys of different ages and from different musical realities beyond geographical. They grew up together, they shared the study, musical and artistic growth and have created strong bonds of friendship.
The show is not a simple sheet music, but it is the journey that the boys had to compete again: It's the story of this project that saw the protagonists, and the sentence of summary of the show wants to be a wish and a commitment to the Secutores and all ’ Association: only together we can achieve the impossible.


Taken from “The Tuba of Chersicla 6”

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