I tre secutores al DCI si raccontano

As many of you know three Secutores left for the States to participate in the DCI – Drum Corps International il campionato dei drum corps più rinomato e seguito al mondo. David, Andrea e Lorenzo hanno marciato con i secutores e lo faranno ancora ma al ritorno da questo viaggio saranno arricchiti da un’eperienza unica che, who lives in this world, would like to be able to enjoy even just for a while.

Their goal will be three groups of round the world and live shoulder-to-shoulder with other guys 24 hours on 24 the music and the gear, discipline and fun, fatigue and l ’ friendship, in an environment of musical excellence, poster, educational and human. Will play for three months, travelling by bus between cities, all ’ other, sleeping in gyms and performing in front of hundreds of thousands of spectators. The great final round will be at Indianapolis on 9 August for the semifinals and finals.

Until then, their life will be dedeicata to the study and sharing. We will follow them from here cheering for the Italians who with great honor to represent us and motivate us to work more and more to cultivate and grow the community of Drum Corps in Italy.

We did them few questions, to tell us who they are and their expectations on this great journey.

Name David Andrea Lorenzo
Last name Villa Rovelli Viganò
Nickname Nut Rove Lorenz
Age 20 17 20
Course of study Degree course in "material science"(University Of Milan Bicocca) Liceo musicale "g. B. Fat " (Lecco) Degree course in "plant production and protection and systems of green" (University of Milan)
Hobbies Music Drum Corps Play and enjoy the world
How did you hear about the world of drum corps? Thank you my brother and Secutores! Thanks to my teacher of trumpet Simeon Shore End 2011, I enter in a Marching Band and instead had become Drum Corps, so I found the DCI! 
Why did you decide to try? To do something out of the ordinary and that few people have the courage to try. The DCI is the top in this task! Because it seemed a nice experience and the Group was composed of elements very helpful. Because the DCI is the ’ excellence, is the top for whom in these formations, and if one knows that he has the skills and requirements (age) to do so I don't see why I should try! Then they call “a lifetime experience”, Here I am, I am here! 
Show DCI preferred? Metropolis (Bluecoats 2010) and Samurai (Cavaliers 2008). I don't know, I like almost all DCI. What struck me more than the others is "Les Miserables" (Santa Clara Vanguards 2013). Garfield Cadets 1984; “The summer train blues mix” (Blue Devils 2004); “Les Miserables” (Santa Clara Vanguard, 2013). Ah.. all of the Boston Crudaders, soprattutto “Rise” and “The Titans”! 
Of which group you're part this summer? Bluecoats Spirit of Atlanta Boston Crusaders
The first thing you did when you heard he was taken I did repeat the phrase to the examiner brass to be sure I understand correctly. After an initial moment of astonishment I realized it was true and I went to tell my parents and my sister. Having had an attack of love for everyone around me (the whole family Villa ed.), I returned home with the Horn down, then I reassured and told my how it worked this out (were not so excited all ’ idea). 
What instrument you play? Euphonium Trumpet Baritone
The strangest thing they told you to bring with you on tour Everything you need to make the bus a "jungle". Plastic basket with suction cups. Nothing particularly strange, aside from the shackles of which I understood l ’ utility! 
You will have a uniform testing section? Yes, shorts Fuchsia! Yes, but I don't know yet how it will be. Pantaloncini rosso schocking
There's something that scares you a little bit about this trip/experience? Di non capire un tubo di inglese e non mangiare più all’Italiana. The trip,Although I used to travel, This is the first time that I start from just, I also think that the first few days I will have some difficulty with the language and my sea legs with others because I will be the only Italian, so I think I'll feel a little bit lost. I hope to be athletically quite prepared, Since the days are going to be very difficult. “censored”
That aspect of life USA/drum corps can't wait to try? The laundry room XD. Play and travel with 200 peers, con in testa solo di vivere il Drum Corps al massimo. Non vedo l’ora di confrontarmi con altri ragazzi con tradizioni diverse dalle mie; di mettermi alla prova e dimostrare le mie capacità.Di provare l’emozione di competere con gli altri drum corps ed esibirmi nel Lucas Oil Stadium ad Indianapolis contro i miei amici. I'm already peanut butter d ’ padding; Apart from that I can't ’ wait to try to build the drill!
What do you expect from this experience? Will definitely stunning and unforgettable. I hope to grow in many ways and make new friends! To improve in all aspects: music, umani e organizzativi. Improve my English. I expect everything, I still don't quite understand what I will bring with me after the final at Indianapolis but I will have plenty to tell! I hope to be useful to Secutores upon my return, certainly will March and play better!
You mean something/greeting to the public? (in English thanks) Follow the Bluecoats! Bloooooo! I would like to thanks the people who have helped and supported me to realize my dream and I hope to live up to expectations. It will be a great and unforgettable experience!

Follow the Spirit of Atlanta this summer 😉

Thanks everybody, stay tuned and follow the Boston Crusaders! 

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