Great success for the first trip to the Moon

Yesterday the BMB presented to the families and friends the right Drill 2010: DESTINATION MOON.
The day was long and intense with a long trial in the morning to finish the last details and prepare the necessary modifications to drill all internal ’ del palazzetto. In fact, due to bad weather the staff was forced to reduce the ’ whole show and present only a part of the movements for obvious problems of space. The show was equally exciting for both the public and the members of the group who first performed the entire show (at least musically): the first goal of this season and the ’ beginning of the hard work of cleaning and refinement for the upcoming competitions.

The day continued with a banquet for all and an open trial to anyone wishing to try to join our group. The guests had the opportunity to test your posture, the style of marching and playing the instruments of our BMB. A further step in the spread of this beautiful way of making music!
Until next time!

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