Francis bears the name of BMB to Drum Corps International – USA

The 29 April Francesco Villa, class 91, the United States will start from Besana at a time for an experience that surely will mark his life forever: be part of the Glassmen Drum & Bugle Corps.
Francis was selected and called to be part of one of the most important groups in the world for the season 2011 and will participate in the Championship Drum Corps International, a circuit of events affecting the US and involving thousands of young artists selected from around the world, moving hundreds of thousands of fans in a series of events that will end in Indianapolis on the weekend of 11-12- 13 August. (Details on the website of the Drum Corps International)
Francis, nicknamed Asphalt, blow the trumpet since he was 11 years and joined the Bailey Marching Band in 2006. The experience over the years becomes more exciting and interest widens more and more: "see European groups live at festival (the Festival Bandistico Internazionale città di Besana Brianza – Ed), contests and online videos of American drum corps was a crazy shock!”
Last year thanks to the help and support of BMB Francis makes the decision. When asked "why did you choose to try?"he answers: “Well.. basically because I got bored of watching the DCI as a spectator, on line! Finally I can take part in the first person! I think it's a ’ unique opportunity, a dream, where you have a chance to compete against yourself and living a ’ experience in a group of people your own age who have the same passion fundamentally”.
The selection was not easy thing: "I had to prepare the required parts like all the other hopefuls as well as running exercises, video I recorded and I sent. After a couple weeks of anxious wait, in which they “skimmed” the American camp selection, They contacted me offering me a place in the Group!”
Now I wait a period of very intense work because in a few weeks the whole group will have to mount the show for submission to competitions during the tour. From 10 at 14 now races a day to learn the songs by heart and the movements on the field, seven days a week, in a "world apart" lived between music classrooms, gyms and stage where team spirit and adaptability are added to the passion and the desire to achieve excellence. "The mattress will become my inseparable travelling companion" Francis says because the management of the accommodation is actually very Spartan. The tour that begins in mid-June it touches different USA cities to participate in the preliminary competitions and perfect every time the show.
The "corps" is being hosted from time to time in colleges and schools, in structures that allow IE to have a gym for sleep and spaces to try.
(Here is the schedule of events).
Francis as all participants in the DCI is voluntary and non-professional. The age limit is 21 years and the components they offer not only a fee to attend but a part of their lives for this experience that surely will change their future human and artistic. “I expect to do a great experience! I hope to learn a lot, of being able to transmit my knowledge back and help develop this reality here ".
We just have to wish to our representative a formidable and unforgettable experience sure can enter walking tall in the Olympus of the genre. In Italy the movement is still young but if he can produce musicians live up ... obviously is on the right track!
Good luck with Asphalt! On de gass!!!

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