A new drum major by BMB

Bailey ’ ’ this year's Marching Band has a new. Since the first commitments of February to lead the training was officially appointed Drum Major Lisa Maggioni for season 2010/2011.
Lisa happens to Simeon shore that up till now has played the double function of Music Major and caption Head (responsible for ’ musical aspect). Simeon, author this year of songs that the BMB will show 25° N kingdom of Sand, will have the possibility to better follow the preparation of the group moving freely among musicians during the field trials.
Lisa has accepted happily the challenge of this prestigious role and responsibility that the staff suggested. “It seems like only yesterday that I started!” Lisa tells us but is actually from 8 years which is in organic BMB as flutist and her big green eyes light up when he talks about his experience “I belong to this wonderful group since September 2003 I was about 14 years ...” Lisa has proven over the years his musical abilities and organizational skills also as section leader of the woodwind section and staff gave this role. “The fact that they play a role that really has never been present in our Organization made me a little’ of discomfort, you know the fear of making mistakes ... but luckily the Group I joined is inclusive and what reassures me very. And’ like a second family.” Lisa was also accepted on the staff and accompanied in early from a d ’ instructor excellence (Daria R, for many years Drum Major of the MillenniuM Drum&Bugle Corps Verdello).
Lisa has already heavily defended in the first releases of ’ year and now expect most important performances and certainly will not lose l ’ chance to make its valuable contribution to the success of the Group.
“I expect to spend my 8th year of BMB in a way some’ different from the past but without losing the fun and excitement that this group taught me how to live, almost to demand, from every moment we spend together”
Good job Lisa and of gass!!!!

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