DCIT dreams become reality’

And’ with great pleasure that we announce the first edition, in Italy, a DCE certified event: the

DCE ® certified competition

The contest will be held on 4 July 21.00 in S. Felice sul Panaro (MO), already in past years of theatre performances at the highest level. To remember, among the many, the unforgettable Blue Devils and European champions Jubal and Beatrix.

These days you are defining the accessions by the Italian formations. This event is a unique opportunity, at the national level, to compare across DCE courts regarding the drill show.

The formations will be judged based on the DCE competition manual, available free of charge on the website of the event on the DCE website: www.marchingfest.com

With three judges and five in the stands, the groups will be judged both on technical details of individual performers and the overall effect. Each judge will address a different aspect of the show expressing an opinion based on the criteria established by manual. After the show there will be a phase of individual comparison between trainers and judges, where you will discuss the strategies to be adopted to raise the quality of the show proposed.
The WMC-DCIT will be a further opportunity of meeting and comparison between Italian and formations, In addition to the interview stage with judges (described as "Critique"), educational activities with foreign guests for clinics and seminars.
These activities are open, Obviously, also to all non-participating formations and who wish to deepen the themes that affect the schedule, the development and implementation of a drill show.

For information and proposals you can write to:

The proposal by the board to contribute to a DCE event sanctioned in Italy shows that the situation in Italy is growing in Europe.

Here are some testimonials:
(Marco Jansen – DCE board): “This is an excellent, opportunity for every Italian unit. We are thinking of sending DCE board members to the event as well to celebrate this milestone in Italy and get to know the show organisers better”.

(Marcel Matthijsse – DCE Chairman): “We have noticed how passionate the Italian organisation is about the certification and cooperation with Drum Corps Europe. We hope the competition will be a great success and are looking forward to the show”.
Aspettiamo tutti gli appassionati a S. Felice: the event will give everyone here an unforgettable experience. For all those who come from afar for refreshments will be available, dove si potrà toccare con mano la famosa ospitalità modenese.

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