DCE arrive

5…4…3…2…1… It starts!

And’ all set for the BMB that tomorrow night is going to Kerkrade where Saturday held the European Championships for Drum Corps. Our training has been preparing for a year the show Destination Moon. A drill made of energy and heart, technique and passion, a challenge is made by 118 set to push the capabilities of each element to the limit and attempt the leap into astro ’ who always inspires us big dreams. The dream we chased with so much effort is being achieved thanks to hard work and tenacity, lots of organization and an unexpected tension towards ’ l ’ excellence.

The audience that has participated in the ’ exhibition of last night at the municipal sports centre has savored with us these emotions and are convinced that their applause and their comments are the best success for us and for those around you.

Now the comparison with large European formations that are fighting for the European title is a source of pride and we are convinced that we can defend our colours with the spirit that has always distinguished us.

At the end of the ’ sweaty faces painted satisfaction performance of the kids who are helping to make it big this adventure is the yardstick by which to evaluate the strength and quality of BMB that also this year ’ has made strides on both technical and artistic.

Thank you for the joy with which you are making and partying that play in this group keeps on giving.


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