Winter Guard International protagonists at the Color Guard Circuit


Secutores is a world that never stops! Have already left the projects 2016!
Lies in the definition of the world drum corp: music and entertainment on the move and our kids never stop … Left the stadium in Kerkrade in late September are readily shared with projects and challenging goals and ambitious: the first in chronological order is participation by the color guard at indoor activities.

What does it mean? That our wonderful girls have launched and brought into play with the Group Soul (color guard of Varese group supporting the Unity project) with which they have mounted a show circuit at the end of February to compete in the WGI winter “Winter Guard International”, the most important circuit of existing indoor marching arts. The 27 February won the 2nd position in the Regional at Class with a high potential for further growth that bodes well for next season.

Our girls will be featured during the Italian event “Color Guard & Percussion Day”
dedicated to percussion and color guard on Sunday 3 April in Seregno.
The bad weather has unfortunately limited releases complete training of Secutores who paraded with success and appreciation of the audience in Laives on 31 January.
Continues the collaboration with network Unity referred Besana is part of organizational and artistic engine: in March will start the season and their commitment in the field to see them again at the Italian Championship IMSB and DCE European Championships.
Major projects, a lot of passion and a great deal of commitment … all these activities are possible thanks to the support and the presence of people who devote their time all ’ organization. Anyone who wants to approach the world of drum corp in all its forms is welcome, from musician to volunteer, a supporter … you're welcome ’!

Winter guard 2016

Taken from "The Tuba of Chersicla 7"

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