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The Festival is over and Besana MB has been shown to have an edge this year ’. The two performances on Friday and Sunday, showed al pubblicoentusiasta a convincing and marching band “consistent” . The show 25° N Kingdom of Sand is giving us great satisfaction already ’ already now the Group has no intention of settling of achievement but wants to grow and work even with evidence and further performances for their discernment confidence with the field and the public.

The next chance to perform will be tomorrow night in Canzo (CO) together with noble Juliana drum&Bugle corps. L ’ date matured quickly in the last frantic days thanks to our group that plays two seasons in canzés (Michele Papagni, snare) and that proves that the distance is not an obstacle if the passion is so much ’.

at the second, wonderful opportunity to perform in public will be Saturday 9 in Parma. LItalian football League He asked our Besana Marching band to participate in the “SUPER BOWL 2011” at the stadio XXV Aprile. Si contenderanno il titolo italiano i Panthers Parma e i Warriors Bologna e la BMB si esibirà all’inizio della gara e durante il mitico Half Time di fronte a circa tremila tifosi.

Here the dell ’ event

The race will be televised on a delayed basis by:
Eurosport 2: the 21 July hours 17
Raisport: the 21 July hours 22

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