BMB greets Cardinal Tettamanzi

A Cathedral packed with the faithful, religious, ecclesiastical authority, civilians and soldiers saluted Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi, Archbishop of Milan, reached the end of his tenure after nine years. The crowd poured on the square, where there is a large screen and where it was called la BESANA MARCHING BAND to give a musical contribution. Bailey had already been with Cardinal Tettamanzi in piazza del duomo in Milan in a meeting with the speakers of the FOM and was invited for a final Thanksgiving and a colorful and sonorous greeting.

The audience was made up of many young people drawn to the white night of fashion, which coincided with this religious festival.

During the evening the BAND played MARCHING drill BAILEY show 2011 "25 degrees north latitude – kingdom of sand", We will submit, in the last weekend of September, at the European Championship "DCE- Drum corps europe ".

"And’ been great playing in front of thousands of people "is the comment, appeared on facebook immediately after, many of the musicians involved.

Many people were able to attend the ceremony and the exhibition of BESANA marching band even from home, Thanks to live on Telenova.

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