BMB celebrates 15 years

If you have passed 15 years have been noticed.. How many guys have you lived with us this passion and with this same passion they played some memorable music: UFO robot, Samba, magnificent seven .... That story!
How many of us remember the excitement of the first contest in Canada, the fatigue of the trip in Putignano,

the parade in Assisi with our steel wool next to religious symbols and flags of the Lombardy region, the disappointments, the fears, the sweat and satisfaction of endless engagements, long waits, big cheers, tears of joy, hugs and Pats on the back ... looks under the hats, fainting in uniform, memorable refreshments (and also no), disturbed sleep, cold showers, improvised sandwiches and pastries, Hotels, gyms, guest houses ....
Other memories: London and the contest, Mirabilandia, the public on bridges in Venice, Bologna, the carnivals of one hundred, Ivrea,Viareggio, Pont Saint Martin, Laives and Agliè. Cournonterral with the debut of the new uniform, Lecco, Kerkrade.. New friends Beatrix and Jubal and old birth of the Contest and the Festival ... Traveling by bus, plane, school bus, stays in gyms, sandwiches, rain, parades behind horses and sheep, surrounded by confetti, oranges ....

In all these places, names and events each of us could put tons of beautiful pictures, of sensations and sounds. New friends linked by an invisible thread made of complicity and sharing good times and difficult times faced in the mark of the Group, music and entertainment.
A growth that you belong too and we would dive again in an evening of celebration and meeting place.

This invitation is dedicated to those who have been part of BMB beginnings to the present,


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