BMB Besana Marching Band on the peaks of the world

L ’ summer brings a load of significant confirmations for BMB and Musical body S. Cecilia di Besana in Brianza


La Besana Marching Band is at the highest level the Brianza and Italy in the world of Marching Band and Drums & Bugle Corps World contest WMC World Music Contest

The event is held in Holland each 4 years to 5 weekend of July August. This is the World Championship of bands, conducting, marching bands and marching band.

With a score of 1202,50 (that in cents corresponds to 85,9) BMB ranks 3rd place of the 6th overall Style and stripes Corp to drill a total of show 26 participants.

BMB Besana marching band, on the path of improvement that is pursuing decided to enroll in the Corps Style, that is, the marching band and Drum contest & Bugle corps who perform the drill at the highest levels.
He could have chosen, In fact, to compete with lower level and with less stringent reviews, but the purpose of the training is always to compete with the best in order to grow and learn.

The competition has also observed great surprises and some confirmation.
BMB not only gets the highest score in its history , but it ranks among the largest in the world.
Among the formations ahead of us we are the best lineups in the world and what a surprise get scores greater than lineups emblazoned like Beatrix Drum & Bugle Corps and slightly lower than those of Jubal Drum & Bugle Corps, and to overcome the D.I.N.D.U. formations in. and Bycicle show band (those cycling ...)

The BMB composed 60 fans, back to Bailey proud to have represented the Italy and fit for the European Championship in September of Drum Corps DCE.

The trip was another chance to work, be passionate, prepare, suffer and rejoice together in this great adventure that is the ensemble music.

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