Bailey polo also marching music

An event which testifies to the growing interest in the movement marching band

The sports centre of Bailey seemed one of those European stadiums where the leagues of marching bands and drum corps. The structure has absorbed barely fit the large audience in the stands has enjoyed performances of groups.
Drill show (the spectacle of music and moves around 12 minute expression of the work of months) was the star of the evening. After production of the Group's parade has kicked off at Palestro Cornfield dances with Bailey Marching Band who presented the drill “Quidam” with which last week he scored 85.66 that earned him the 5 place on 15 WAMSB Championship in Belgium (competition among European marching bands).

To follow the other guest groups: Millennium drum & Bugle corps Verdello Bergamo current champion d ’ Italy, the Spirit Drum Percussion Ensemble from Belgium with a show they did appreciate the sound and the beauty of the percussion, the Showband from Holland with the colorful uniform and ’ Marum finishing Jubal drum & Bugle corps from ’ Holland, Group of the highest technical merit and famous throughout Europe. The music event, wowed the protagonists and the public to the variety of interpretations of this music genre that in Italy is only all ’ start. Thanks to these meetings between teams from different extractions l ’ Musical Santa Cecilia body binding with la Besana Marching Band wants to spread this way to express strong emotions and important values.

The evening was l ’ the occasion for the hostess Besana Marching Band to introduce the new group of Flags that from next year entraranno to be in training. The project of creating the choreographic group which is expressed through dance and ’ use of tools like flags and rifles began in January 2008 It has been shown to have the right cards to give a nice wing support marching band Besanese. Sunday and Monday, the formations will take part in the tour in Ferrara and San felice sul Panaro to attend two other contest and express once again his art with passion and fun.

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