Be proud and have fun

This past weekend (10-11.Nov) the BMB has had the honor of having ’ as guest Director Henk Rosendal Corps of Beatrix’ Drum&Bugle Corps in Hilversum, Holland.


L ’ meeting ’ immediately gave impression it would be instructive but we never thought it would be so nice.

We don't want to talk of ’ certain knowledge and professionalism of Henk which gave us plenty of ideas to discuss on our future work (and with the clear intention of not imposing any stylistic choice) but we would ringreaziarlo to the feeling, the serenity and unbridled passion that transmitted with his words and his recommendations.
The rule of ’ be proud and have fun with your hobby and can synthesize certainly the spirit of the clinic and we would become the basic reason of the activities of our BMB and of our Association.

Thanks to Henk for sympathy, the competence, l ’ Italian and patience.

Thanks to the guys and who organized l ’ ’ l event attention and resistance to fatigue (why having fun doesn't mean don't work hard!)

Until next time!

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