Arachnophobia – show 2012

Besana Secutores presents its new production for the season 2012. The show develops around the comparison between the world of spiders and men can. In the comparison field, the contact and fighting for survival conjure up fears, memories and so much emotion.

The show was created by the staff of the Besana Secutores with preziono intervention of drill designer Preston Howard (USA) and masterful composition of passages from the m.° Simeon Shore for several years is the author of music for the education besanese. Le percussioni sono state arrangiate da Jeff Tinsley (USA)

IL drill Show ARACHNOPHOBIA darà la possibilità ai Secutores di esibirsi anche quest’anno al Campionato Europeo per Drum Corps (DCE – che si terrà a Kerkrade il 29 September 2012.

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