Annual rate of Piergiorgio Riva music school

Saturday 4 June 17 Green Room was held in the traditional end of year essay, a great opportunity for students to show the skills attained by studying and dedication to his instrument.
The Director Samuel Rael presented performances by: Gloria Fusco (piano), Angela Perego (trombone), Silvia Casiraghi (electric guitar), Thomas V (bass tuba), Joshua Citterio (piano), Mathias Small (oboe), Vijay Salve (flute), Giorgia Rigamonti (piano), Emma Bellinzoli (Euphonium) and Bianca Closed (piano); all wind instruments were accompanied on piano by maestro Manuel Stone.
The Repertoire was extremely varied, from classic Beethoven, Schubert, Telemann, Debussy and Mozart did it come up to contemporaries Dire Straits.
The musical richness of the essay did not stop here, the indefatigable master Samuel also directed the choir singing class composed by our students and by some friends of education "Linearmonica" from Nibionno which delighted the audience with gospel and traditional songs.
After the necessary thanks primarily to students for their commitment, parents and teachers, the President and the public for support, the annual rate ended with a real icing on ... piano with an exciting Pachelbel's Canon performed for four hands by Alexia and Joshua.


Taken from "The Tuba of Chersicla 8"

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