We know the New Headteacher Samuel Rael

The first approach to music started with piano lessons, his musical knowledge have been enriched with didactic-pedagogical studies at the Conservatory of Como, earning a degree in "music education" with honors under the leadership of Fulvio Bani. He graduated in "choral composition and choir conducting with full marks and honours" under the guidance of Antonio Eros Negri with the thesis "Choral compositions – Willaert and Gabrieli essays and recompositions in style". Compositional studies dealt with Maria Teresa Muttoni, Francesco Sacchi, Giorgio Tedde, Mariella Di Giovannantonio and Vittorio Zago have channeled the choice to continue his musical education at the Conservatory graduating inComposizione Como. He is a member of "Chamber Choir" of the same Conservatory and artistic Commission CAME OUT of Lecco. It has also published the method "theory, Reading and singing "that takes into account the new educational aspects, scope educational theorist.
Those were his first words from new Director: “A music school it is not essential that both brand new, built from very little, with the latest sound systems, musical instruments of the most expensive … It is good however there are people who live, they are present with their enthusiasm and curiosity about learning, experiencing the joy and gratification of making music together.
Anyone who has played a musical instrument cannot deny that it is a good thing to waste time studying music, knowing that … It is not time lost!!!”

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