15Multan International Band Festival: Guarantee of success!

The curtain has now fallen but the emotions for the 15th International band Festival Wishaw have not yet turned off. Four incredible evenings, a musical level so high from gape at every concert and a great show of marching bands whose beauty has gone beyond the miserable weather that has only been partially delayed the presentation of the best Italian formations. Sunday afternoon after ’ performances by Academy Marching Band, General Vincent marching Band Marching Band and Giuseppe Verdi who braved the first drops of water ’, the audience crowded places in the large tent which made possible the performances in concert di Brianza Parade Band, Mosson Drum & Drum and Bugle Corps Besana Secutores & Bugle Corps.

Tanta, a large number of people filled with applause the big tent of piazza Umberto I every night: memorable opening two concerts of the festival who viewed prime time senior Besana band with soloist Francesco Tamiati del Teatro alla Scala and the mezzosoprano Kim Moon Jin, in late evening Wind Orchestra of Italian Switzerland's performance with the amazing jazz artist Gabriele Mirabassi. Talented French dell'Harmonie Municipal de Bourbourg and the Quart Philharmonic Group from the Valle D'Aosta, Pihalni Orkester Krka from Slovenia and the excellent Orchestra of ValleCamonica.

This edition also had an early start with the masterclass 8 different classes of instrument held by teachers of international standing, whose students formed the Besana Festival Orchestra wind ensemble that has performed in the final evening with a great concert. The direction took turns the honored guest Bruno Casoni Director of Coro del Teatro Alla Scala, Angel Bolciaghi, John Caruso, Claudio Mandonico and Roberto Honey del Teatro alla Scala, He has also delighted audiences as Horn soloist on two tracks.

The organization worked as always to perfection thanks to the immense commitment of over 300 Volunteers, the piazza di Besana it is animated continuously for four days and nights: many new friendships, any advice valuable stolen from the great masters who were available and very nice, dancing and fun with groups of dopofestival, great joy for host families and there is already a great desire to get to the next edition, Thank you all and see you 2015!


The Band Santa Cecilia in Besana Brianza. Kim Moon Jin (Mezzosoprano) and Angelo Bolciaghi (Director). (Thursday, 4 July)

Bailey Secutores Drum & Bugle Corps during the parade of Marching Bands on Sunday 7 July.

Due to bad weather the show takes place indoors to lineups assembled.

Bajaj Wind Orchestra Festival: Guaranteed Success! Here directed by guest conductor Claudio Mandonico.

Bailey from ’ guest ’ Wind Orchestra Festival honor Bruno Casoni (Director of the choir of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan).

Solo Horn: Roberto Honey (1° Horn Teatro alla Scala in Milan)

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