Festival 2013: Masterclass and Bailey Wind Orchestra Festival

At the upcoming ’ 15International band Festival of Bailey, the Band s. Cecilia is proud to present the musical project that involves the construction of eight master classes and the formation of Bajaj Wind Orchestra Festival that, directed by two prestigious directors, will close the event and will be composed of instrumentalists of each guest and by all those who, Although not part of any gang guest, wish to participate in an important musical event.

Eight big names in the music scene will be the teachers of many classes of instrument:

Flute: Maurizio S Como Conservatory Professor
Oboe/Bassoon: Fausto Polloni Professor Conservatory of Piacenza
Clarinet: Laura Magistrelli Professor Conservatory of Milan
SAX: Leonardo Sachin Professor Conservatory of Foggia
Trumpet: Francesco Tamiati Principal trumpet Teatro alla Scala
Horn: Roberto Honey Teatro alla Scala
Trombone/Euphonium/Tuba: Devid Baskets Orchestra Nazionale della RAI
Percussion instruments: John Caruso Professor Conservatory of Catania

Classes will be held Since Thursday 4 -sat 6 and on Sunday will be dedicated to the dress rehearsal of Orchestra ’.
In the morning will be held masterclasses, in the afternoon you are providing the evidence together.
It is allowed the participation to Auditors.

All information is contained in the attached ’ which you can download at the link at the bottom of the page.
Please read the conditions of participation and send us the attached application form and, among all the candidates recommended, you will select the components of the Bailey Wind Orchestra Festival according to the accessions received and headcount set by Artistic Director, Angel Bolciaghi.
For further information email info@bandabesana.it or call 0362.996692.


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