16Multan International Band Festival

16 Festival

It's already happened fifteen other times: on the streets of Bailey is not seen nothing yet but the car of the festival, the 16International Band Festival, runs already at full capacity, given that in just over a month our city will once again be a city of music full time. Don't get used, Indeed, you will become almost addicted… It is known that the festival there will be, more than anything else one wonders how it will, What surprises and excitement in store for us this year, Since these surely will.

It's time to start giving some preview, referring to the story at sections. In addition to the usual and familiar besanesi formations in their various forms from the very young to the "bands" that will animate the "after" festival, passing by the Senior Band, will be among us Koreans, Spaniards, Swiss, Bergamo and, the extremes of the peninsula, Sicily and the Val d'Aosta. All of course guaranteeing the highest musical level. So much for not leaving much room to doubt the opening will place already the bar really high, to put it mildly sportsman: Sunday 28 June, in the Roman Basilica minor by Besana, will perform the Treble Voices chorus of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, directed by Maestro Bruno Casoni. The latter is well known in Besana, with which there is a well established bonding. The concert is offered by Giusi Castro in memory of her daughter Marta, musician and teacher of Conservatory. The following will not be outdone: always in the aforementioned basilica the next day will be the turn ofBrass Band Ensemble Besana and organ headed by M. or Roberto Honey, 1° the Horn Scale, followed by the interesting performance by the group "Lone voices” , a project created within the hospital S. Gerardo di Monza.

On 1 July there will be the first evening in the "concert hall" Besana (Unfortunately temporary)... the usual marquee: will the promises ofFestival Youth Orchestra, consisting of musicians of Besana and provinces of Milan, Bergamo, Cremona has the burden and honor of start, with a varied programme including songs can meet the most different, under the careful direction of M. or David Miniscalco. After the very young we continue with a tribute to Russian authors (Shostakovich, Tchaikovsky, etc.), This time with the Senior band of durris, directed by M. or Angel Bolciaghi, the same formation will then songs on the 100th anniversary of the great war and end the official night, This time conducted by M. or Simeon Shore, with "copyright and love songs"; guest in the role of narrator for the Senior Band will be Luke Mahoney (Ubu Prize for best supporting actor 2011), they will meet again at the end of the festival in the same role, This time close the Bajaj Wind Orchestra Festival.

Thursday, 2 July we enter the traditional programming of the festival, with two teams to share the stage every evening. Opens theSicilian Regional Wind Fe.Ba.Si Orchestra, followed, After the interval, from Anyang Wind Orchestra, coming from South Korea. The 3 July is the time of Banda Simfónica de la Societat Filharmónica Alteanense (in and around Alicante) in Spain and subsequently of the nearest Orchestre d ’ Harmonie du Val d Aoste ’ (with the trumpeter Ivano Buat). You continue the 4 July with theWind Orchestra of Italian Switzerland It will present a programme enriched by virtuoso on soprano sax of the now well-known to us Daniele Berdini; the second part of the evening will offer an equally rich and interesting menu thanks to Filarmonica Mousiké Gazzaniga, with a program dedicated to the legendary hard rock group Deep Purple. The closure, on stage, Sunday 5 July, now as usual with Bajaj Wind Orchestra Festival, composed of elements of all participating formations. For the occasion the direction will alternate directors of various formations.

If you think this is already an extremely rich and varied programme, well, make yourself comfortable, because in reality we have spoken of the more official, Let us not forget, however, the "before" and "after"… Every morning, from 2 at 5 July, There will be trials of members of the section Bajaj Wind Orchestra Festival, led by a group of professionals of the highest level such as the musicians Francesco Tamiati, Roberto Honey, Mike Quinn, Daniele Berdini, Daniele Sadiq, Maurizio S, Giuseppe Grandi, Laura Magistrelli. the "after" is the "after" festival which will continue in music, for about an hour, every evening; This will be entertained by local groups with the exception of Friday (3 July) When the Group Mike/Volt with the trumpeter Giovanni Falzone, a chorus of 60 people and some dark Sicilian litanies and we will present a instrumentalist program African music…

Finally, as in any self-respecting event, No one could miss the parade and the show on a Sunday afternoon 5 July that will perform the Bailey Secutores Drum & Bugle Corps, the Mosson Drum & Bugle Corps and other formations and closing late in the evening, in fact the usual "Goodbye", with Fireworks.

It's nice to think of these musicians who will invade joyously our city as "ambassadors of beauty", as many have said, "can save the world". Always hospitality and welcome were considered sacred values, so we are all called upon not only to thank, showing our appreciation with enthusiastic applause at the end of each performance, but also to open our homes to welcome musicians from afar. It's an extremely enriching experience, guaranteed! Beyond the dreaded language barriers, You can communicate; If then you chew some English interaction will be optimal and hardly will run out by the end of the Festival… Thanks to social networks and email it will be impossible not to keep in touch, for, Maybe, getting to "return the visit", enabling us to broaden our horizons. Nothing like interacting with "other" cultures can dismantle stereotypes built in the, they will melt away like snow in the Sun in the few days of the festival, showing us how they can feel in excellent tune even with people who do not share "the campanile" or region.

Finally a little tip about active participation to the evenings: We listen carefully to the presentation of various songs, If a piece is in three movements, applaud only at the end, the trick is to look at the arms of Director, When the lower end, so our applause will risk not to "break the tension" of execution… will be the best reward for those who at that time is on stage! And we we will experience how truly "music is the best medicine for the soul"… from at least 2400 years. Well, Yes, Why is Plato who said…


Once again, as every second year since more than 30 years, Bailey is warming up to become for a whole week "the City of Music". Everyone here around knows about the "Festival", a contraction of the official name "international band Festival" (International Wind Band Festival), and is wondering what surprises and emotions the coming edition will bring.

Being an international event let’s see where the participants are coming from. We’ll have bands from Korea, Spain, Switzerland and Italy, and when we talk about Italy, as you’ll see, it means from the very ends of the country: the extreme North of Vallé d’Aoste and the very South of the “Orchestra Regionale Siciliana FeBaSi”, with of course the local wind orchestras from Besana (Youth Band and Senior Band) and other guests from Bergamo province.

The quality will be quite high; just to clarify where the bar is set, the opening on June 28th will be in the main church of Besana with a concert of the Coro di Voci Bianche dell’Accademia Teatro alla Scala in Milan, one of the leading opera and ballet theatres in the world, directed by M.o Bruno Casoni. This concert is kindly offered by Giusi Checcaglini in memory of her daughter Marta, musician and music teacher. The day after, in the same venue, the Brass Ensemble of Besana will interact with the organ, directed by M.o Roberto Miele, 1st horn of Teatro alla Scala and Filarmonica della Scala; this will be followed by the interesting project “Voci fuori dal Coro” of the Hospital S. Gerardo in Monza.

On July 1st we’ll have the “true” opening in the Besana Concert Hall (unfortunately only temporary), with the Festival Youth Orchestra, made up by members of different youth bands from Besana, Bergamo, Cremona, and Monza Brianza, with a quite rich and varied program, directed by M.o Davide Miniscalco. The Besana Senior Wind Band will take over, with musics by Šostakovič, Čajkovskij and a celebration of the First World War anniversary, directed by M.o Angelo Bolciaghi and with the participation of actor Luca Micheletti in the role of narrator; the same wind band will later shift to contemporary music and songs directed by M.o Simeone Riva.

The next day the festival will continue with the usual alternation of two orchestras on stage: the Orchestra Fiati Regionale Siciliana Fe.Ba.Si. and the Anyang Wind Orchestra, from South Korea. On July 3rd the Banda Simfónica de la Societat Filharmónica Alteanense (close to Alicante, Spain), and the Orchestre d’Harmonie du Val d’Aoste (Italy) will perform on stage. On July 4th it will be the time of the Orchestra Fiati della Svizzera Italiana and the Filarmonica Mousiké from Gazzaniga (Bergamo) with a program fully dedicated to the Deep Purple, a veritable cult hard rock band. On July 5th, the traditional final concert of the Besana Festival Wind Orchestra will close the event. For this last concert we’ll see a turnover of conductors of the different guest orchestras on stage.

Despite what you may think this isn’t everything yet… yes, because there’s always a “before” and a “after”. The “before” are the practice sessions in the morning (from July 2nd to 5th) for the members of the Besana Festival Wind Orchestra, with a long list of professional musicians to guide them: Francesco Tamiati, Roberto Honey, Mike Quinn, Daniele Berdini, Daniele Sadiq, Maurizio S, Giuseppe Grandi and Laura Magistrelli. The “after” is the so called “dopo festival” which means an additional hour of music, each night after the main concert, with local bands, but for Friday the 3rd when we’ll have the Musicamorfosi group performance, melting Sicilian and African traditional music.

Don’t forget, on Sunday 5th, the usual show in the afternoon with Besana Secutores Drum & Bugle Corps and Mosson Drum & Bugle Corps and other different bands to perform in the main square. That night night, after the last concert, we’ll have the well known “arrivederci” with fireworks.

As usual Besana will attract a lot of people willing to listen to good music, stay together and make new friends. We are particularly grateful to those families who will open their houses to welcome the musicians coming from other countries: this is a very enriching experience which always leaves the people involved absolutely enthusiastic. It’s normal to stay connected via mail or social networks, to possibly meet again in their own countries.

In the end a warm invitation to actively participate: applauses are the best reward for the musicians playing on stage, and we will all be able to truly experience that “music is the best medicine for our soul”… at least since 5th century B. Yes, because Plato said that…

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