14Multan International Band Festival


30 June – 3 July 2011

The Association Corpo Musicale Santa Cecilia di Besana in Brianza organises the 14th edition of the Festival Bandistico Internazionale "Città di Besana in Brianza".

The success of proven organizational formula, the structure of the event will be kept almost unchanged compared to the past, However, introducing elements of strong innovation with the aim of perfecting a show that constantly encounters out of favor, every year, more attentive to the quality of performances as well as the origin of the different groups hosted.

The 14th International band Festival will take place from Thursday 30 June to Sunday 3 July 2011, offering concerts and entertainments which will see performances by two different groups in the evening in Piazza Umberto I° in Besana and concerts, held by the guest bands, in some towns in the area. On Sunday there will be a show in the late afternoon with the involvement of Bailey and similar formations Marching Band.

Within the 150° of the unification of Italy, the Band celebrates this important anniversary with bands from different Italian regions and from abroad. Will do the honours and will open the event on Thursday evening the Senior band the Association Corpo Musicale Santa Cecilia and the "bubbly" Youth band.

From Italy comes to Bailey the Concert Band Musicale Città di Bagnara Calabra (RC) [www.scuolamusicabagnara.it], a formation of 45 musicians over half of under 20 years. The musicians will be hosted by families besanesi during the entire weekend. From TriesteWind Orchestra "From Scratch" [www.associazionedacapo.it] a formation of 48 elements that will offer a rich and interesting repertoire. From Brescia will come Brescia Wind Orchestra [http://www.bresciawindorchestra.it] a formation of wind instruments that will honor the city of Risorgimento known as the lioness of Italy. From abroad will come the 67 components of the Banda Amizade from Aveiro [www.bandaamizade.com] the public besanese has already been able to appreciate during the edition of 2007 directed by his friend Carlos Marques. We will have the pleasure of listening to the suggestive song by Portuguese composer Jorge Salgueiro titled Symphony N° 2 Mare Nostrum. From Spain we will host the Banda de Musica de Salcedo directed by Italian Andrea Loss that has already directed at Bailey high school band "Rosmini" in Rovereto. Musical education counts 68 elements of which a considerable percussion section that will amaze us. Many of the friends from abroad will be housed in the family in order to become better acquainted with Italian culture and traditions.

Compared to previous years the parade Sunday afternoon will be devoted to Marching Bands with the presence of four of the most prestigious Italian formations.

The Millennium Marching Band [www.millenniumband.org] from Verdello (BG), the Mosson Marching Band [www.mosson.org] from Mosson (Vi), the Brianza Parade [www.brianzaparadeband.it] Veduggio, and of course the Bailey Marching Band. With the rhythms and sounds of these formations in the afternoon will definitely be a nice opportunity to get together. In fact at the end of the exhibition will be possible and pleasant stopping in piazza for dinner and follow the final concerts of the event and the traditional Fireworks.

Although this year's event develops in four days, the commitment of the Association was to bring the Festival in the square in order to create an atmosphere of sharing and friendship where music represents a unique opportunity to learn about new musical realities and spend a pleasant evening in good company.

It is hoped that the public will respond as it always has done numerous appreciating the significance of the event is known throughout the world and the values it can convey.

NUMBER DISTRIBUTION CENTER (attivo dal 30.06 at 4.07) +39 0362 995870

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