Bailey Pep Band

Pep Band - Expo 2015

Entertainment, show, and a great desire to play while having fun, Add a group of boys of’Mu Associationlistening to Santa Cecilia Besana in Brianza with the shared passion for the music and we get the Bailey Pep Band.

Una Pep Band viene definita come un sottogruppo di un complesso musicale che ha lo scopo di intrattenere e fare “Pepping up” ovvero animare feste ed eventi con musiche orecchiabili e di facile esecuzione, trying to "gassing" the audience as much as possible.

The Bailey Pep Band has the ability to adapt to any type of event, She performed indoors and outdoors, stationary and moving, In short and long performances, with a group of musicians that can vary from 10 AI 30 elements and with a predominance of "commercial" songs (old glories or new hits that depopulated in radio) but adaptable according to the requirements and context.

The Bailey Pep Band is available for parties, festivals, carnivals, sporting events, openings but also private parties and weddings.