Special concert 20 Years of putting Don Massimo

Friday 20 may the Besana band performed in Cassina De Pecchi to celebrate the village priest who is also a good friend of ours: Don Massimo Davison, for many years in Pastoral Ministry in Besana and always a great admirer of our gang.
For the occasion the maestro Armando Saldarini wore a repertoire of exception in which stood the contemporary composition of Frank Ticheli "Angels in the architecture" which includes vocal parts and non-traditional instruments like the Crystal glasses filled with water and hydraulic tubes to create special sound effects, being unusual music master at the end of the execution has asked for an opinion to the public that he greatly enjoyed despite the unusual kind.
The evening ended with an emotional exchange of greetings and greetings with Don Max and see you at the next opportunity.


Taken from "The Tuba of Chersicla 8"

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