Remembrance Day concert

Concert with recitation and projections

Friday 25 January 2013 at hours 21 and Saturday 26 January minutes 10 (exclusively for schools) will be held, at the palazzetto and. Pancho of durris, the Senior band concert on the occasion of “Holocaust Memorial Day”.

“Remember not to forget” This is the “motto” We wish to accompany us during the concert.

All the usual ’ wind ensemble and percussion, will be integrated a narrator (Luke Mahoney) and Mezzo Kim Moon Jin.

Il concerto si svolgerà sotto la direzione del M° Angelo Bolciaghi.


Arthur Gottschalk (1952) “Holocaust”

Gustav Mahler (1860 -1911) Canti del Viandante

Lieder Eihes Fahrenden Gesellen (transcription woodwind ensemble)

Gustav. Mahler (1860-1911) “Con questo tempo..” Lieder # 5

dai Canti per i bambini morti

(transcription woodwind ensemble)

Louis Andriessen (1974) Frammenti da "Symphonieen der Nederlanden"

Henryk Gòrecki (1933 – 2010) Madre

dalla Sinfonia III (transcription woodwind ensemble)

Henryk Gorecki (1933-2010) Dov ’ is over my beloved son?

dalla Sinfonia III (transcription woodwind ensemble)

W. Francis Mcbeth Kaddish


We wait for you!!!

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