Band concert for Memorial Day

Saturday 24 January the senior band has performed at the higher Institute "Vittorio Bachelet" Oggiono (LC) in a concert on the occasion of Holocaust Memorial Day, International recurrence in commemoration of victims of the Holocaust.
The concert, After being nominated for two consecutive years to the students of the Istituto Superiore "M.L. Ghandi" Besana, It involved this year the guys at 3 ^ and 4 ^ top of Bachelet.
A performance by the band was accompanied by the voice of Korean singer Kim Moon Jin and the reproduction of films and photographs of the Holocaust.
At the end of the concert is then the projection of Primo Levi's poem "If that's a man" between the notes of "You know" from "le nozze di Figaro" by Mozart.

The concert was well received and appreciated by the students, the initiative will be replicated at other institutions in the interest of raising as much as possible young people to these important historical events.

Taken from The Tuba by Chersicla #4

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