Interview with Director David Miniscalco

David miniscalco

What are the goals achieved so far by the youth band?
The first two years of collaboration with the young group of Corps S. Cecilia di Besana in Brianza were intense and stimulating.
Together with the Governing Council and M° Bolciaghi we planned a musical activity which took, to date, performing numerous concerts in the territory of Bailey with results and consensus always positive.

What objectives did you set and how important is the harmony of the group to achieve them?
It was an intense work done by weekly tests, on one side, have had the merit of improving the level of music tracks in preparation, on the other, however, were valuable occasions for aggregation, a key ingredient to make a "simple youth band" a "group".

How do you see the future of the boys of youth band?
As a teacher I believe strongly in social value, cultural and educational that a group like the young group plays on the territory: a value that must be safeguarded in time and sent to who today begins his musical adventure .
The boys now have the opportunity to experience the meaning of "making music together", an opportunity that will launch them later, safer and less fearful, senior band.

Taken from The Tuba by Chersicla #5

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