A ’ experience for all ’ Association. Thanks Aveiro

The Band Santa Cecilia Besana Brianza and BMB Besana Marching Band had the honor of being a guest, from 2 at 6 April, of the band "Amizade" of Aveiro (Portugal) and their master, the composer Carlos Marques, in turn, international band Festival of Estepona in 2007.

A parade at United formations, a Standing Concert for BMB and a concert for Concert band were musical commitments that have seen the besanesi formations on 3 April.
The climate of friendship and celebration between the two formations besanesi and la Banda Amizade has, though, distracted minds and hearts from the artistic importance of the commitments: La banda Amizade, multiple awards in the first category in prestigious competitions including the Certamen de Valencia and their Master, prominent composer Molenaar, accounted for besanesi forces an important musical and artistic comparison with which to contend and which rise.
The parade and the Standing, held respectively in the streets of beautiful downtown Aveirense and in the main square, were the beginning of a very busy day musical, that ended with the concert of the two bands, Amizade and Besana Brianza; at 21.30, at the elegant Palazzo dei Congressi in Aveiro, within which there is a beautiful Auditorium, capacious and very interesting acoustics, La banda Amizade began impeccably with the wonderful "t-bone" by J. De Mej, for trombone and wind band, mentre la seconda parte è stata affidata alla Concert band di Besana che ha eseguito, nell’ordine:

Ralph Vaughan Williams – ENGLISH FOLK SONG SUITE
Jan Van Der Roost – PUSZTA
Henk Van Lijnschooten – SUITE ON GREEK LOVE SONG
Alfred Reed – ARMENIAN DANCES part I,
ending with the timeless "Moment for Morricone" (arr. De Mej) quale bis.

The warm applause of the audience and felt appreciation of the friends of Amizade and their master have crowned a memorable day, extremely exciting though equally challenging, which has marked, for the formations of Bailey, the important milestone of musical and artistic.
At midnight on the 3 April, Of course, started a holiday full of joy and wonderful places to visit in the company of friends Aveirensi, attentive guests and fellow days to remember and repeat.!

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