A new musical season, a new Director, Organizational renewal and passion!

Change is in the air for some months within our Association, After the conclusion of the 16th Festival Bandistico and an assessment of the activities carried out in recent years, the Governing Council has decided to stop cooperation with the master Angel Bolciaghi and open a tender for a new music director; received more than 40 questions, the Commission appointed to examine the candidates met several times and after the talks will be announced the name of the chosen one.
Meanwhile was named the new Director of the school of music "Book Bank" this is Samuel Rael, teacher for many years in music theory and choir class and project co-ordinator at the Huntingdale primary school.
Renovations were also introduced in the internal organization to improve communication and collaboration relations between all members and recreate a more serene and familiar.
The recent concert made for the Festival has shown that with work-sharing and combining forces you can get excellent results, I take this opportunity to again thank all the teachers and volunteers for the ever generous and timely.
As you have read there are many new features but the spirit and passion that has always distinguished us remain unchanged, started a new season with a future yet to be scheduled but we are full of energy and desire to make music, in the best shape, sustainable and shared!

The President
Angelo Motta

Taken from “The Tuba of Chersicla 6”

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