Membership Membership Year 2016


Gentle reader, the 2015 has been an important year for our community life: experiences, emotions, new and important projects (the new name, the new statute, the renewed musical directions) have helped to enrich our reality.

These projects are based on the music and the values of cooperation, sharing, respect that has always distinguished us.
Everyone has helped make the special moments and we hope that our journey together is renewed in the future.
Our Association is alive and constantly changing and predicted, with the adoption of the new statute, the introduction of a symbolic membership fee, to promote all music projects, cultural, training programmes, educational and socializing that together we actively support.
This choice, In addition to providing a small economic contribution, allows to formalize the participation of members giving full access to all current and future initiatives.
For the 2016 the Governing Council approved a minimum contribution of 10 Euro.
The fee may be paid at the Secretariat of our Office, minors will need the signature of a parent membership form.
Sure you can count again on the sense of belonging and love of music that unites us, Please come in and upcoming events.
The President and the Board of Directors.


Taken from "The Tuba of Chersicla 7"

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