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Latitude : N 45° 42 ' 5 '' ; Longitude : And 9° 16 ' 55 ''

No, It's not the geographical coordinates of a hidden treasure chest or a oil field, but those of a place that, for its history and its characteristics, still priceless: the seat of theAssociazione Musicale S. Cecilia di Besana Brianza.

After being hosted for several years after Parish of Bailey in the premises of the oratory, first in the former home of Don Franco, then under the cinema Edelweiss, and later still in the present St. Charles saloon, the continued growth of the Group band of the music school and the consequent need for more space, brought before the transfer of the seat of the civic school of via Garibaldi and then in 1997, with the grant of Municipality of Besana, the present location of via Manzoni.

Immediately after work has begun, performed entirely by a group of volunteers led by Giovita Crippa with the help and supervision of experts and specialized firms: before the building work, setting coat, renovation of floors and Division of classrooms, for which it is worth mentioning the contribution of First Villa, then the construction of the plants, contributions by Business Technology s.r. l. and where was the key piece of Carlo Proserpio for the electrical. We must not forget "mami" and "papi", Vittoria Valli and Ermanno Viganò, always attentive in invigorate the workers with food and drink, with both the winter chills in stifling hot summer.

Each spent time in what was an extension of your own home, each offered their own skills but above all he shared with others so much effort.

The wooden bridge girders of F.lli Hall C, After finishing and the soundproofing, the band of Bailey had in his hands a real gem: a rehearsal of 14 x 13 m, enviable for acoustics and capacity.
For the design of the entrance was summoned the artist Bruno Chersicla, friend and cartoonist of the symbol of the Association: the Tuba by Chersicla. In his eyes, our Association was a workshop of ideas and research, the yellow pylons with nodes representing the industriousness of life while the wooden musician wearing the uniform featured the discipline which is necessary in all activities.

The venue became operational in 1998 and even today in the Secretariat contains a bulletin board where there are the names of volunteers and companies and institutions which have contributed to the realization of the venue.
A simple article doesn't make sure justice to the great work done by all of them to the Association, But even if only a small shudder at the thought of you back trail dedication, the spirit of sacrifice and desire of these people to accomplish something great with their own small contribution, then there's no doubt that the contribution of each of them to our Association was actually huge.

Here are the names the names of volunteers and companies and institutions which have contributed to the realization of the venue, which are listed here.

Volunteers: Cavenago Claudio, Bruno Chersicla, Chandra Augustine, Charles Albert, Charles Giovita, Fumagalli Joseph, Fusco Primiano, Louis Cats, Kimmich Stefania, Oliva Garcia, Maggioni Gianfranco, Mauri Davide, Mahmood Joseph, Perego Elia, Proserpio Carlo, Pulici Emilio, Salah Attilio, Salah Donated, Salah Giovanni, Sterni Francis, Glens Win, Viganò Ermanno, Villa Dino, Villa First.

Companies and institutions: Municipality of Besana Brianza, Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Carate Brianza, Beretta Alfredo s.r. l. Besana Brianza, Brianza Plastic s.p. a. Carate Brianza, Brivio Pierino s.r. l. Besana Brianza, B. B. S.r. l ball. Besana Brianza, Cattaneo F.lli s.n. c. di Casatenovo, Cibis s.n. c. Besana Brianza, Cosma s.p. a. Cassago Brianza, Company To. Rai of Besana Brianza, Effebiquattro s.p.a. Seregno, Firmec of Favero Igino di Besana Brianza, Enterprise Zoja s.r. l. Besana Brianza, Mauri Gianluca di Besana Brianza, Mauri Valentino di Besana Brianza, S F.lli s.n. c. Villa Raverio, Saleem Luigi s.n. c. Besana Brianza, Business technology s.r. l. Cabiate, Thema s.r. l. Viganò Giuseppe di Merate, Valleys & Valli s.p. a. by Renate Brianza, Vetrotex Italy s.p.a. Besana Brianza, VI.BE. Electronics s.n. c. Besana Brianza, Villa Aldo Asheklon architect, Villa Lino di Besana Brianza.

Click Here for some photographs of the construction and renovation of the headquarters in Via Manzoni.

Taken from The Tuba by Chersicla #5

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