Spectacular experience in Japan for our Oboist Christian

Christian Impatient, one of the most talented young musicians have grown within our Association, It was recently at Kyoto International Music Students Festival, an event held annually in the Japanese metropolis that invited for this edition 24 107 students (84 from the best schools of Japan and 23 selected in the rest of the world) to promote international exchange and develop the skills of young musicians.
This year claimed at the Milan Conservatory a pianist and oboist, Christian won the competition of
selection and was amazed "didn't believe ... with all those oboists of the Conservatory have chosen me!!”
The adventure, intense and demanding, began on 14 may in Kyoto, Japan, 32° C.
The festival began the following week, every night they performed two Nations, following a concert of ensemble consists of the set of two.
Christian performed a recital for piano and oboe with the colleague at the Conservatory of Milan and then performed a concerto for oboe and strings, a Quartet selected from the Royal Academy of Music, as he says "you can imagine the level ... what a thrill playing next to them!”
In the final evening of 27 may she performed the orchestra formed by all the boys selected for the festival (the
students ' global top performers). Christian says of his incredible experience: "Think you've played with the best of the best conservatories in the world is extraordinary ... a musical growth to the nth degree, truly unforgettable, a unique opportunity! I hope you can submit again a wonderful experience like this!”
Well what can I say, We were also us speechless, many ... many compliments ... and we are confident Christian that given your young age this is just the beginning of much satisfaction! We are proud of you.


Taken from "The Tuba of Chersicla 8"

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