Busy weekend

L ’ Association was called to an intense weekend of events and music. This Saturday on the occasion of the feast the band will honor the usual date of the concert to the city of Bailey. the IMAX Edelweiss Piazza Cuzzi (oratory). This opportunity will allow the public to know and see all the new ’ opera director Alessandra Bulletin Board that already since a few weeks work with the band and the young group.

Sunday 11 October, in genteel piazzetta di Palazzo Reale in Milan, during the numerous events nationwide intended by day Touring Club 2009, the Band Santa Cecilia will offer the milanese public a concert starting at 17. Il programma, the new Director, spazia dalla musica classica sinfonica di Mascagni ad una composizione per fiati di Haendel. Verranno proposti brani originali per banda tra i quali spicca “El Camino Real” di Alfred Reed e il tutto si concluderà con una celebrazione delle migliori colonne sonore di Ennio Morricone.

Georg Friedrich Handel – Den Arend
Music of the royal fireworks
La Paix
La Rejouissance

Pietro Mascagni – Hautvast
Cavalleria rusticana
Symphonic Intermezzo

Carlos Marques

Jan de Haan
A sunrise impression

Alfred Reed
El Camino Real
Fantasy latina

Ennio Morricone – Johan de Meij
Moment for Morricone

The concert will be introduced by an exhibition of Besana Marching Band from 14,30 that will cross the city centre from the Touring Club to the Royal Palace. A ’ opportunity to test the style of our training back from the wonderful experience of the Drum Corps Europe.

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