Rusty Random Pep Band

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Entertainment, show, and a great desire to play while having fun, We add about ten guys and we get the Senior band and Pep Band Secutores Rusty Random: a Pep Band is defined as a subgroup of a group, generally not more than twenty items, that's meant to entertain and do "Pepping up" — animate parties, sporting events, with catchy music and easy to perform, trying to "gassing" the audience as much as possible. The idea of the Pep Band was born in America and coming to Bailey recently quite by chance thanks to the organizers of the event "beyond the boundaries" (held at the sports arena and. Perego in early October) that required a group of guys from the band to pay for a short period of entertainment of the large audience represented by the pupils of secondary schools and primary schools.

The initiative is appreciated above all for musicians, they didn't get this opportunity slip away, and later they performed at other times under different circumstances, for the opening of "PalaGiovita", the new warehouse of the Association, last 2 November.

Obviously we are only at the beginning. There is still a lot of work on this site just opened, but since the gas of this engine is represented by their passion for music and the desire to play together, There is nothing to worry about and follow the upcoming performances of Rusty Random Pep band!


Article taken from The Tuba by Chersicla #2

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