Historical Redress – International Band Festival 1984 – Calgary 1994

30 years ago

It's been 30 years after the first edition of International Band Festival , the great festival of bands from all over the world began in 1984 under the name "band Meeting" then take then its present name.

Everything was born from an idea of the historic President David Shore and some enterprising musicians of that time who wanted to create an event that spread the love of music through the encounter of bands from every where; Today we have already 15 editions and many unforgettable memories. Thanks for existing Festival!


20 years ago

The second major overseas trip of Bailey, guests of the Calgary Italian Club with which they created a great relationship of mutual respect and for some even of affection inseparable. Canadians remember that great band who paraded for the Calgary Stampede in 15 files from 7 musicians each, a griddle as someone would say!


Article taken from The Tuba by Chersicla #0

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