“Class notes” The school meets the gang.

In addition 150 children of class 5e by Bailey and Villa will have a chance to make music d ’ together.
The project was created to give students the chance to get closer to the music and the world of the gang through a laboratory ensemble music. The music, in an educational, helps develop a sense of belonging to the Group, the responsibility for people and things, self-control and concentration. laboratories were started in classes scenes of the comprehensive "Giovanni XXIII" Besana, at Villa Raverio Besana and.

Use, tap, blow or strike will be the first to learn about the power and beauty of the tools they offer to young apprentices the first rewards, playing and participating in the "playing music"

Contact, the vibrations, the sounds will do the rest. Teachers will help students to follow the call of the instrument, will guide them to a path of 30 meetings in which understand that captivate through music we also need technique, knowledge and commitment.

L’insieme non è la somma dei singoli
. Ogni alunno concorrerà a creare la magia sviluppando l’identità del gruppo e la consapevolezza dell’appartenenza ad esso.
Students will be guided to the ensemble music from master Samuel Rael (a graduate in music education, Choir direction and choral composition) and specific instrumental training from master Simeon Shore (a graduate in Musicology, graduated in trumpet, brass instructor and music coordinator Besana Secutores Drum&Bugle Corps)
For this project the musical Association "S. Cecilia "provides free over 50 musical instruments (ance, brass and percussion). Each child will also have its own mouthpiece.

Location of Besana Brianza
6 Clarinets
2 Alto saxophones
1 tenor saxophone
2 horns
2 trumpets
1 trombone
1 Euphonium
1 Tuba
3 drum set

Villa Raverio
8 Clarinets
2 Alto saxophones
1 tenor saxophone
2 horns
3 trumpets
2 trombones
2 Euphonium
1 Tuba
5 drum set

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