The music goes… in Porto!

It starts!! Here we are in the home stretch d ’ arrival, After weeks of intense study gang and BMB, This time together, will soon be engaged in Portuguese land as a result of repeated invitation of Director John Madden of Banda Amizade Symphonic Band de Aveiro, the Festival's impact was guest in Besana in 2007.

A transfer that will give l ’ opportunity to our two teams to share moments in music and in addition with the Portuguese band, to get to know each other, to grow and compete. L ’ date is in Aveiro, a city to a ’ hour away from Porto, from 2 at 6 April 2010, on the occasion of Easter which we will celebrate with our Portuguese friends own musical cultural exchange more intense adventures. A hundred people stirred again by the same passion, ready to embark on this new adventure!

Full speed ahead!

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