The history of the “Smurf”

Always present at the outputs of the gang and Secutores, always available for the communities of durris for transport and removals.
We're not talking about one person but of the legendary Musical Santa Cecilia van body: "The Smurf".
Unmistakable, with the symbol of the Association on the deck of the cabin, always carrying the Jovita and its legendary helpers, their work has yielded over the years the funds to manage the maintenance and above all to buy a new one three years ago.
But because everyone calls him "the Smurf?"it all began with a concert band Pavia, at that time the van was a blue Mercedes dump open, for the transport of the instruments was necessary to fill the tank with a cloth, Blue randomly.
When the musicians, already arrived on site, they saw in the distance a pickup truck looks very familiar but completely blue, they began to sing in chorus: "Here comes the big Smurf!”

Since then no one has been able to take away this nickname which was handed down, from truck to truck, until today.

Taken from The Tuba by Chersicla #4

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