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Less than two years have passed since the "Rusty Random Pep Band" was born by chance within our Association, just a brief look at the evolution and activities so far undertaken by the group to realize the numerous strides already made and the endless potential that this can still express.
We start from the new name: "Besana Pep Band".
Choosing to enter "Bailey" in their name not only highlights the sense of belonging to the Association but also clarifies the purpose of the Group: the Pep Band (that comes from the English verb "to pep up", meaning "animate", "entertain") brings together all those who want to make music together in an original and dynamic and conveys the energy of its components in performances that combine the fun the desire to support our Music Association and other associations in the area of Bailey.
This commitment is demonstrated by the Pep Band's collaborations with other associative formations, including the Befana sul Lambro 2016 together with Secutores and the Carnival of Bailey 2016 along with the Gang, the speech at the Open Day 2015 Sacred Heart kindergarten, the service of the Magnalonga 2015 for the Pro loco of Bailey and
participation in the inauguration of the new white cross ambulance in December.
In addition to this, La Besana Pep Band has already performed in numerous other contexts, among the many international band Festival of Bailey 2015, for Expo Milano 2015, at the opening of the elementary school gym in Monticello, the Monticello middle school Open Day, at a wedding in Montevecchia and an evening
of Aperipiave. In short, the force of the Pep Band is this, the ability to adapt to any type of event, to indoor and outdoor exhibit, stationary and moving, In short and long performances, with a group of musicians that can vary from 10 AI 30 elements and with a predominance of "commercial" songs (old glories or new hits that depopulated in radio) but adaptable according to the requirements and context.
The ideas in the pipeline for the future are many but all dedicated to the principles which have hitherto characterized the Pep, that is fun and reduced overhead in terms of evidence, to give as many people as possible to take part in the personal commitments and even other associative formations.
La Besana Pep Band is open to anyone willing to amuse and entertain, If you want to know us and are interested in joining us please feel free to step up!
For information contact James at 348 2312890. We wait for you!


Taken from "The Tuba of Chersicla 7"

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